Swiss, Old and Young, Enjoy Alpine ‘Peace Hike’

Switzerland—UPF supporters joined members of an affiliated youth organization in a Peace Road event.

Peace Road Event Visits Houses of Worship

Munich, Germany—"Peace-Shalom-Salam Aleykum" was the motto of a Peace Road event co-sponsored by UPF.

Peace Road Marathon Promotes Healthy Lifestyle for Youth

Moscow, Russia—The supermarathon "Children against Drugs—I Choose Sport!" concluded after 1,150 kilometers.

Peace Road ‘Warrior’ Unfazed by Injury

Ryazan, Russia—After breaking his leg, an ultramarathoner continued his journey using a hand bike.

UPF Team Plays ‘Football for Peace’

St. Petersburg, Russia—A UPF team played in an international, interreligious football and volleyball tournament.

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