UPF Supports Moscow Ecological Forum

Moscow, Russia—A UPF team joined 1,500 participants from 80 Russian regions to discuss environmental concerns.

Russians Celebrate Families by Planting Pines

Lyubertsy, Russia—UPF activists joined a group of 1,000 volunteers in a local environmental program.

UPF-Moscow Joins in Local Recycling Project

Lyubertsy, Russia—UPF of Moscow took an active part in a campaign to recycle electronics.

Russians Earn ‘Likes’ for Human Fraternity

Moscow, Russia—UPF held an online competition in honor of the first International Day of Human Fraternity.

UPF Expands Aid Distribution to Second City

Tripoli, Lebanon—UPF-Lebanon held a second distribution of food and other items to needy families.

UPF Launches Humanitarian Aid Program

Jal El Dip, Lebanon—UPF volunteers held an initial distribution of food and supplies to needy families.

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