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Interfaith Discussion Links Conscience to Values

Yekaterinburg, Russia—Religious representatives spoke at a webinar dedicated to the International Day of Conscience.

Austria/Pakistan Webinar Promotes Faith and Ethics

Vienna, Austria—UPF co-sponsored an international virtual conference in support of Pakistan’s Interfaith Harmony Council.

Webinar Finds Balkan, Korean Similarities

Tirana, Albania—Heads of state, political leaders and scholars discussed cooperation between the Balkan and Korean peninsulas.

Experts Discuss Lessons Learned from a 70-Year Conflict

Brussels, Belgium—Three Korea experts gave their opinions on Korean peace prospects.

Korea Observers Discuss Path to Peace

London, United Kingdom—Journalists and consultants at a UPF webinar shared their insights on Korean reunification.

Far East Russia’s Asian Influence Discussed

Yekaterinburg, Russia—UPF held a webinar to discuss Russia’s role in relations with its Far East neighbors.

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