Derry “Peace Road” Gives Hope for Healing

Derry, Northern Ireland—representatives and Peace Ambassadors from UPF Ireland and UPF UK joined in a UPF “Peace Road” event.

International Day of Peace Observed in Italy

Rome, Italy—Finding new perspectives for peace in Asia was the focus of a roundtable co-sponsored by UPF.

UPF-Slovakia Opens New Peace Embassy

Bratislava, Slovakia—An international audience attended the inauguration of the new UPF Peace Embassy.

Interfaith Meeting Tied to International Day of Peace

Paris, France—"Peace Starts with Me" was the theme of the latest IAPD interfaith scripture discussion.

Interfaith Peace Festival Held in Birmingham, UK

Birmingham, United Kingdom—Seven faith traditions were represented at a mini-Peace Festival organized by UPF.

Preparing the Environment for Korean Reunification

Europe and the Middle East—Important steps for Korea’s neighbors to take were proposed in the IAAP webinar.

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