International Day of Families Observed in Norway

Oslo, Norway—A webinar organized by UPF considered changing norms in regard to the family.

Local Peace Councils Welcome New UPF Leader

Tirana, Albania—The new national leader of UPF visited eight Local Peace Councils in the southern part of Albania.

International Day of Families Observed in Germany

Stuttgart, Germany—The 2021 International Day of Families was celebrated by a gathering in the UPF-Stuttgart premises, joined by others online.

Düsseldorf Chapter Holds Online Open-Door Day

Düsseldorf, Germany—The local UPF chapter reviewed past UPF activities and looked forward to an active future.

Interfaith Meeting Probes Humankind’s Beginning

France—UPF held its fourth online interfaith meeting on the topic “At the Beginning of Humanity.”

International Day of Families Observed in Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia—The main speaker addressed the issue of challenges of family relationships.

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