Preparing the Environment for Korean Reunification

Europe and the Middle East—Important steps for Korea’s neighbors to take were proposed in the IAAP webinar.

Overseas Albanian School Leaders Honored

Elbasan, Albania—Leaders of the Albanian diaspora were honored in a ceremony in the city of Elbasan.

Germans Ponder Questions of Consciousness

Düsseldorf, Germany—"All-Encompassing Consciousness” was the title of a lecture on quantum physics.

UPF Delegation Meets South Korean Ambassador

Amsterdam, Netherlands—UPF and partner organizations introduced the Peace Road initiative to South Korea’s ambassador.

Russians and Somalians Meet in Friendship

Moscow, Russia—UPF co-sponsored a Russia-Africa friendship conference that focused on Somalia.

UPF Celebrates with Tocoists at Anniversary Event

Lisbon, Portugal—UPF-was invited by the Tocoist Church to a special anniversary celebration.

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