World Leaders Renew Call for Peace on the Korean Peninsula During Rally of Hope Showcase of Think Tank 2022

Seoul, South Korea, world leaders and experts renewed their calls for peaceful reconciliation on the Korean Peninsula during the virtual Rally of Hope September 12 (KST). 

Faith Leaders Urged to Light Path to Peace

Europe and the Middle East—The impact of the Abraham Accords was the focus of a UPF-IAPD webinar.

InterContinental Railway Seen as World Unifier

Yekaterinburg, Russia—Webinar participants were moved by the project’s peacemaking potential.

Christians Consider Truth and Love to Counter Crisis

Europe and the Middle East—Church leaders and scholars addressed conflicts and pandemic concerns.

International Day of Families Observed in Central Europe

Prague, Czech Republic—UPF of Central Europe held an online conference to celebrate the International Day of Families.

6th Rally of Hope Sows “the Seeds of Peace”

Seoul, South Korea—World leaders and experts joined more than a million global participants for the launch of “Think Tank 2022” on May 9 KST during the virtual 6th Rally of Hope for the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

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