Georgians Recall Personal Korea Experiences

Tbilisi, Georgia—A UPF webinar gave several Georgians the opportunity to explain their affinity for Korea.

Contemporary Russian Artists Meet for Peace

Samara, Russia—UPF co-organized a meeting of culture and arts experts from Russia and the United States.

Czechs, Slovaks Examine Korean History

Prague, Czech Republic—The Czech and Slovak chapters of UPF jointly held a webinar titled “Korea in the Light of World History.”

Estonians Given a Glimpse of Life in the Koreas

Tallinn, Estonia—Participants of a UPF webinar heard from two Estonians who have visited the Korean Peninsula.

Russian Youth Urged to Seek Spirituality

Moscow, Russia—UPF was one of the organizers of a conference titled “The Mission of Russia.”

UPF Friends Enjoy ‘Virtual Christmas Lunch’

Lisbon, Portugal—Ambassadors for Peace and UPF partners and friends were the guests at an online Christmas celebration.

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