Peace Road Unites Czechs, Slovaks on ‘Bridge of Friendship’

Prague, Czech Republic—Slovak and Czech participants in a Peace Road event met on a “bridge of friendship” connecting their nations.

Peace Road Event Marks Korea’s Liberation Day

Norway—A Korean-built peace pagoda was the central point of the Peace Road walk.

Peace Road Event Remembers Berlin Airlift

Frankfurt, Germany—UPF held a Peace Road event in which participants bicycled and hiked to the Berlin Airlift Memorial.

Albanians Combine Peace Road with a Pilgrimage

Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina—A delegation from UPF-Albania joined 50,000 believers at a Bosnian pilgrimage site.

Peace Road Leads to Meeting of Three Nations

Central Europe—Peace Road participants from Austria, Czech Republic, and Germany met atop a hill where their borders converge.

Insider Reveals the Tricks of the Media

Bratislava, Slovakia—A longtime journalist explained “Media and Manipulation” to an international audience.

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