UPF Founder Honored at Centenary Exhibition

Prague, Czech Republic—Almost 40 people attended the opening of an exhibition celebrating the centenary of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon.

Austrians, Slovenians Meet for Peace

Bad Eisenkappel, Austria—Around 30 people from both sides of the border joined a peace festival in Austria’s southernmost state.

Cultural Evening Shows Another Side of Africa

Prague, Czech Republic—African philosophy and values were the topic of a UPF presentation.

Exhibition on UPF Founder Opens in Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal—The life, mission and the legacy that Reverend Moon left to humanity are very evident in the posters displayed.

Czechs Remember the Thought of Max Weber

Prague, Czech Republic—The German sociologist and economist saw a close bond between religion and economics.

Dr. Joachim F. Reuter

Düsseldorf, Germany—The speaker dealt with questions such as “What was God doing before He created the world?”

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