Germans Ponder Questions of Consciousness

Düsseldorf, Germany—"All-Encompassing Consciousness” was the title of the first lecture of a three-part series about major questions of quantum physics.

The speaker, economist and author Dr. Joachim F. Reuter, had given an introductory lecture on quantum physics in June 2020. The event held on August 7, 2021, attracted 16 participants to the UPF- Düsseldorf offices, with a further 20 joining online.

Dr. Reuter emphasized at the beginning that he did not want to deal with the explanation of this consciousness. This is because the theories on the phenomena of quanta—mostly reductionist and based on elements of classical science—occupy scientists in a variety of ways in which solutions cannot be expected in the foreseeable future. Instead, Dr. Reuter dealt with literature on the appearance of the phenomenon, using many examples.

He described the experiments with plants carried out by an internationally renowned cardiography specialist in the 1960s. Eventually, it became scientifically recognized at that time that plants react to environmental events in a way that can be detected. In the following decades it became apparent that plants show astonishing reactions, even at the cellular level and at great distances, detectable by cardiographs and later encephalographs.

An inexplicable primary perception no longer could be ruled out, even down to the molecular and sub-atomic levels. The nature of the phenomena led many scientists to conclude that plants are sensitive not only to the environment but also to intentions and that they react to them in their own way. Large companies already had considered practical applications in other areas decades ago, as had secret service and military institutions.

In the discussion, participants confirmed similar observations from their own experiences with plants. This resulted in further discussions, which also touched on ontological questions.

The second lecture in the series will deal with a miraculous phenomenon of quantum physics that is no less concerned with science: "Totality Instead of Separation—Not Particles, But Fields."

(Translated from German by Catriona Valenta.)


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