Mrs. Ingeborg Neyers, a building biology consultant, leads the prayer circle on December 11, 2017.
A table that Mrs. Neyers has prepared with candles, incense and decorative items to create a beautiful atmosphere.
The prayer circle participants discuss their experiences.
Participants of the December 11, 2017, prayer circle in Düsseldorf. Mrs. Neyers in the front row, second from right.

Düsseldorf, Germany—“Open Your Heart” was the topic of a session of the interreligious prayer circle held by the Düsseldorf branch of UPF.

Mrs. Ingeborg Neyers, a building biology consultant, led the prayer circle on December 11, 2017.

A beautiful atmosphere was created; the table was decorated with a pretty holder for incense sticks, books appropriate to the topic, essential rose oil, and attractive heart-shaped stones, all brought and arranged by Mrs. Neyers.

To soft background music, Mrs. Neyers asked us to turn our attention inside, to the heart. Following this, we spoke about what we had experienced. Some had felt a warmth and tingling. Mrs. Neyers explained that certain colors or fragrances can help us to open our hearts, and we all sniffed the rose oil as it was passed around.

Then we were given time to consider the question “What is love?” and to write a few thoughts about the subject. A pleasant exchange followed, in which each person took the opportunity to talk about his/her impressions.

We ended by holding hands, standing in a circle, and those who wished could use the rose oil. We again directed attention to the heart, while Mrs. Neyers sent us positive energy. As a remembrance of this pleasant evening, each person could choose a heart-shaped stone.

An informal, friendly discussion over refreshments brought the evening to a close.

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