Non-governmental organizations affiliated with the United Nations are burdened with many problems. If you asked them to do the most difficult tasks, would they present anyone to carry them out? Officials at these NGOs may point out many issues related to the current regimes and social ills. However, do they talk about the role of the UN or about digesting communism and humanism or other core issues, as I have done?

You can debate with me only if you can address such high-level issues; otherwise, you cannot. These organizations do not know how to solve problems such as the degradation of youth, family breakdown, drug addiction and AIDS, and they especially do not know how to establish a pure lineage. Leaders of nations and global institutions such as the UN do not know the solutions to such problems. They just say whether something seems right to them or not.


From now on, here is the ironclad rule you need to follow: First, at the cost of your life, do not stain the pure lineage that Heaven bequeathed to you. Second, do not violate human rights through erroneous personnel decisions. Men and women, whites and blacks are all equal. I am urging you not to exercise prejudice against others or violate their human rights. Leaders cannot dismiss a person just because they don’t like that person. The mainstream guidance on human rights consists of becoming people who have true love, that is, people who live with love for the sake of others. God created heaven and earth based on that principle. Discarding that mainstream belief system is unforgivable. It is the second sin of all sins.

The third rule is to not steal public money and to not use public money for your personal purposes. These are the three rules.


 Extract from the "Liberation of God’s Homeland", July 13, 2001, National Assembly Building, Seoul, Korea, Federation for World Peace and Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace, Dr Sun Myung Moon invitational lecture
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