Thus, it becomes apparent that world peace begins with individual peace and expands through families, societies and nations to ultimately cover the world.

At this point I would like to mention the relationship between absolute love and absolute values. Love is the foundation for the values of truth, goodness and beauty. For example, when a person practices love of others, society calls it goodness. Therefore, it follows that when a person practices absolute love, which is God’s love, absolute goodness results. This is to say, the actions of an individual practicing absolute love for the sake of peace are absolutely good. Likewise, the actions of a family practicing love for the sake of peace are also good. The same is true for societies, nations and the world.

In other words, in order to realize true peace, the individual, family, society, nation and world must all practice absolute love and thus realize the absolute values that are absolute truth, absolute goodness and absolute beauty. The world today most especially and urgently requires the practice of absolute goodness to deter the interference of evil that begets chaos.

Love, absolute truth, absolute goodness and absolute beauty cannot be realized without knowledge of absolute love—God’s love—since love gives rise to the spiritual values of truth, goodness and beauty. And where these absolute values are not realized, there cannot be true peace.

Thus, for the true peace of humankind, we need to practice absolute love. But before we can practice absolute love, we first have to understand it.

I have already stated that absolute love is love that acts for the benefit of others, that serves others and that is unchanging and eternal. Then why does absolute love serve the whole and remain unchanging? And why can peace be realized only through love? These questions require answers.


For these questions to be completely answered, the Absolute Being and His motive and purpose for creating the universe and humankind must first be fully clarified. The motive and purpose for creation particularly serve as indispensable standards for the practice of love and the establishment of peace. Before any plans can be put into action, there must first be a definite purpose. Any action without purpose is meaningless.

If the Absolute Being created humanity and meant people to practice His love, then it is certain that there is a motive and purpose for the creation of human beings. In order for that motive and purpose to be clarified, an explanation of the Absolute Being, that is, a correct concept of God, must first be established. Establishing the correct concept of God will clarify His motive and purpose of creation .and, on that basis, the reason we must practice the Absolute Being’s love in order to realize peace.

Thus, I submit that for the true peace of humankind, it is necessary to understand the Absolute Being correctly so we can practice His love and finally realize His absolute values.


Extract from the speech "Absolute Values and the Search for Peace for Humankind" by Dr Sun Myung Moon given on November 27, 1980, at the Fontainebleau Hilton Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida, USA, at the Ninth International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences 
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