In order to comprehend truly the situation of the world today, we need to understand the situation of Korea, where God has a special Will, and we need to recognize that within Korea everything exists in a condensed form. For example, the two main trends of contemporary thought, democracy and communism, exist in Korea, and the four major religions, Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism and Islam, all have firmly established themselves.

As I said earlier, the four greatest nations of the world are confronting each other here in Korea. Thus, everything exists, or at least is represented, within Korea. In God’s dispensation, Korea is responsible to harmonize and unite all these aspects.

In conclusion, Korea is called to accomplish four great tasks, centering on the Unification movement. They are:

  1. Uniting religions through an ecumenical movement
  2. Uniting thought by overcoming materialistic communism through a “victory over communism” movement
  3. Uniting cultures by establishing a new lifestyle combining the cultures of the East and the West
  4. Uniting economy through a new teaching

With God’s love as the absolute value, we of the Unification movement will love all the people of the world even more than our own parents, brothers and sisters, thereby establishing a united world and realizing the kingdom of heaven on earth. With this, the creation of the new world that God and humankind have been longing for will be perfected. Only with God’s love can we achieve true and lasting peace and happiness.


Extract from the speech by Dr Sun Myung Moon on "Absolute Values and the Creation of a New World", given on November 10, 1981, Sejong Cultural Center, Seoul, Korea, at the Tenth International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences 
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