Dr Young-Ho Yun served as the MC.
Interfaith Water Ceremony
42 religious leaders on the stage
42 religious leaders on the stage
Hon. Mike Pence
Rev. Jonathan Falwell
H.H. Swami Hari Chaitanya Maharaj ji
Ven. Dr. Maitipe Wimalasara
Ven. Taishu Nara
Monseigneur Nicolas
Prophet Samuel Radebe
Ko Ara and Kim Dong-gyu
4 Korean religious leaders with the audience
(L to R) Hon. Kim Yeong-wan, Ven. Dae Woo, Hon. Won Yeong-jin and Rev. Ju Jin-tae
Dr Hak Ja Han Moon
Peace performance by the Little Angels
Final choir and dance performance

Gapyeong, Korea—The second “Prayer Rally for Peace on the Korean Peninsula” was held at the beginning of the new year on January 9, 2022. The gathering was a prayer call for God to bring healing and restoration to the peninsula, which has been divided for more than 70 years. The hybrid event combined both remote and in-person attendance at the Cheongshim Peace World Center located about 20 miles outside of Seoul, Korea.

UPF sponsored the program, which was attended by some 1,200 religious leaders, 1 million peace advocates in Korea through live streaming, and 20,000 leaders from all walks of life representing 157 countries that have established diplomatic ties with both North and South Korea.

The emcee, Dr. Young-ho Yun, secretary general of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) International, explained that UPF co-founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon founded Think Tank 2022, a global network of experts holding concrete discourse on the peaceful reunification of Korea, and held the Rallies of Hope and related forums in the fields of politics, the economy, religion, national defense, security and culture and the arts, to work towards a blueprint for a unified Korea. He concluded by expressing his hope that the prayers of 1 million people today would move heaven and allow the World Summit 2022 and 1 million rally for peace to be successfully held from February 10 to 14.

The program began with the Interfaith Water Ceremony featuring 42 religious leaders present on the stage, representing Korea and the world, symbolizing two thousand and twenty-two (2022), while the Little Angels Folk Ballet of Korea offered a performance honoring peace.

The welcome address was given by Hon. Mike Pence, who served as the 48th vice president of the United States. He emphasized the principles of freedom, beginning with religious liberty, freedom of speech, democracy and free enterprise. These are the values that have united the people of Korea and the U.S. for nearly 70 years and are the same ones that his father, U.S. Army Lieutenant Ed Pence—and freedom-loving Americans and Koreans just like him—fought to defend in the Korean War, and are the same values he worked to defend as vice president, he said. He concluded by expressing his hope that the divided peninsula would be one day united. “We will reap the harvest of peace if we don’t give up,” he affirmed.

Representing more than 80 denominations in 157 countries that have established diplomatic relations with both Koreas, six prominent religious leaders prayed for peace or gave a message of peace for a heavenly unified Korea.

  • Rev. Jonathan Falwell, senior pastor of the Thomas Road Baptist Church, U.S.
  • H.H. Swami Hari Chaitanya Puri Ji Maharaj ji, Shri Hari Kripa Ashram, India
  • Ven. Dr. Maltipe Wimalasara, president of the Asian Buddhist Conference for Peace, Sri Lanka
  • Ven. Taishu Nara, Shinto high priest and president of the Japan Civilization Institute, Japan
  • Prophet Samuel Radebe, founder of The Revelation Spiritual Home, South Africa

The program continued with a peace performance to pray for the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula, given by Kim Dong-gyu, a world-class vocalist and baritone who was the first Korean to make his debut in “La Scala” in Italy, together with jazz vocalist Ko Ara.

Following this, prayers were offered by four Korean religious leaders reading from scrolls, namely:

  • Hon. Yeong-wan Kim, vice president of the Christian Council of Korea
  • Ven. Dae-woo, Buddhist monk, Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism
  • Hon. Young-jin Won, the 19th head of Daejongyo (a national religion in Korea)
  • Rev. Jin-tae Ju, joint regional president of FFWPU Korea

Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, co-founder of UPF and FFWPU, in her keynote address, expressed her earnest wish for the realization of a true lasting world of peace, for which she has devoted her life, as the lunar new year, the year of the White Cow, comes to a close. “Today, on this auspicious day, representatives of all the major faiths and religions of the world have gathered together to share the prayers for peace on the Korean Peninsula,” she said.

Dr. Moon referred to the COVID-19 pandemic and different challenges facing humanity, such as climate change and other natural catastrophes, among them, the wildfires and tornados in America, which are causing a rise in casualties. She affirmed that there are limits to what can be done with human efforts alone and that, therefore, we must unite together as one centering on the Heavenly Parent, who has worked throughout history to bring salvation to fallen humanity.

The Roman Empire was great at the time of Jesus, she said, as exemplified by the proverb “all roads lead to Rome,” but suffered from many social ills. Though, the people of Israel developed a strong family tradition which aligned with family values. Heaven’s desire was for the Roman Empire to align itself with Israel and these values. However, no one supported Jesus in his mission and he had to walk the painful path of the cross.

Dr. Moon affirmed that with 20 days remaining until the year of the Black Tiger (the Lunar New Year begins on February 1), the Korean Peninsula should become the heavenly unified Korea and lead the Providence to realize the heavenly unified world. “Already peace-loving religious leaders and citizens are putting their hearts together so that Heavenly Parent can have dominion over this nation,” she said. Dr. Moon concluded by inviting everyone to join hands with her to realize a true world of peace and happiness for humanity.

A number of religious leaders from Europe and the Middle East also participated in the 2nd Prayer Rally for Peace on the Korean Peninsula by submitting recorded videos, which can be viewed in the highlights video below.

Religious leader Position

Rev. Dr. William A. McComish

Dean Emeritus, St. Peter’s Cathedral, Geneva, Switzerland

Sanzheev Sanal

Buddhist Lama, Representative of the Buddhist organization "Bagshn Kurya" of the Republic of Kalmykia of the Russian Federation

Rev. Victor Markelov

Pastor, New Life Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith, Russia

Rabbi Yaakov Luft

President, Jerusalem Interfaith Forum for Understanding and Cooperation among Religions

Sheikh Mohamad Abou Zeid

Senior Judge, Family court of Saida, Lebanon

Imam Dr Abduljalil Sajid

Former Chairman, Muslim Council for Religious and Racial Harmony, United Kingdom

Sheikh Nuru Mohammed

Shia Minister of Religion, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Dr Piara Singh Bhogal

Vice President, Ramgharia Sikh Temple, Birmingham, United Kingdom, and Chairman, Council of Sikh Gurudwaras

Imam Dr. Nader Akkad

Great Mosque of Rome

Dr. Hiral Shah

Representative of the Hindu Community of Portugal

Bishop José Barbosa and Father Costa Marques

Representatives of the Anglican Church of Portugal

Monseigeur Nicolas

Orthodox Patriarch of Nations

Rev. Dr. Duncan Wielzen

President, United Religions Initiative Europe

The prayer rally concluded with a peace performance by the Little Angels and everyone singing the unity song “Urie So Wonun Tongil” with a choir and dance performance.

The highlights video

The full video

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