The nearly 100 participants include representatives of Georgian government organizations, leadership institutions and NGOs.
The poster for the International Women’s Day event
Top: Dr. Diana Eșanu and Tamar Kanashvili. Center: Lika Torikashvili and Temur Samkharadze. Bottom: Salome Kapanadze.

Tbilisi, Georgia—Nearly 100 participants attended an online celebration of UN International Women’s Day.

Participants at the March 7, 2021, UPF webinar included representatives of civil society, students, teachers, government organizations, leadership institutions and NGOs from all regions of the country.

Lika Torikashvili, a youth representative for Georgia at the United Nations (2018) and the founder of Paint the World, described her experience as a young woman leader finding confidence and power to achieve her goals in life and help people through her activities.

Salome Kapanadze, a professor, publicist, and former culture and education minister of the Georgian autonomous republic of Abkhazia, highlighted the role of women in achieving peace by participating in negotiations and developing culture programs.

Dr. Diana Eșanu, a representative of UPF in Moldova, spoke about the importance of the career and family in women’s lives.

Temur Samkharadze, the founder of Psycho-Social Center-Idea, a bachelor of psychology and theology, and a priest in the Evangelical Baptist Church, talked about five women from the Bible and their wisdom in the providence of God.

Tamar Kanashvili, a business trainer and the founder of Trainers Association in Georgia, addressed women with a speech to empower them and to obtain confidence and motivation to be active in social life and achieve their life goals.

At the end of the program the speakers and participants gave positive feedback.


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