The poster for the UPF celebration
Dr. Alfons Wellenhofer of UPF
Robert Bentele, the leader of UPF for Munich
Billie Wegmann, a pastor at the Church of Scientology
Annette Bentele reads from the autobiography of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon.
Guitarist Levi Wegmann
Guitarist Nenad Butic
Speakers and participants at the end of the program

Munich, Germany—"Active for a Climate of Peace" was the title of the UPF commemoration of the 2019 International Day of Peace.

The UPF-Munich event on September 21, 2019, followed the theme given by the United Nations for this year’s celebration, “Climate Action for Peace,” but expanded the topic to address more aspects to peacebuilding.

Twenty people from different religious communities accepted the invitation.

After introductory words from Robert Bentele of UPF-Munich, the background of this memorial day was briefly presented and the speech of UN Secretary-General António Guterres was read aloud. It seemed to all participants that environmental damage and climate change could lead to serious global crises and conflicts, such as fights for water or other important resources.

Dr. Alfons Wellenhofer of UPF said that everyone can be a building block of peace—in the family, in the environment, with friends, in society, at the workplace. Everywhere one can contribute to a climate of peace, he said. Many micro-climates of peace cause a corresponding large-scale weather situation.

Gottfried Hutter, a Roman Catholic theologian and an expert on the Middle East, showed ways in which a lasting and above all honorable peace could be achieved in that region.

Billie Wegmann, a pastor at the Church of Scientology in Munich, pointed out how conflicts triggered by disturbances or third-party interests can be resolved through communication.

Annette Bentele read passages from the autobiography of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, in which the UPF co-founder made it clear that religions should never exist for themselves but should always work for the benefit of the people and for peace.

Levi Wegmann and Nenad Butic, performing on guitar—one in a modern style, the other in the classical style—proved that music also can be a powerful tool for creating peace.

One of the main highlights of the meeting was a peace prayer.

After the program ended, a very lively and fruitful exchange continued as the participants enjoyed refreshments.

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