Students of the “Mirela” Guitar School from the town of Podujevo
Participants on foot carry the Peace Road banner, followed by bicyclists.
(Left to right) Bruno Rexhaj, the first secretary of Albania in Kosovo; Agim Rexhepi, the founder of the Friends of America association; Giuseppe Cali, regional president of FFWPU for Southern Europe; and Professor Daut Demaku, a well-known writer
(Left to right) Giuseppe Cali, regional president of FFWPU for Southern Europe; a young UPF supporter; Jack Corley, regional president of FFWPU for Eastern Europe; Hydajet Hyseni, a former member of Parliament in Kosovo; Dr. Katsumi Otsuka, regional chair
A local school is represented in the Peace Road.
A schoolteacher participates in the Peace Road with several of his students.
Image 7
Pristina police ensure a safe tour for the Peace Road participants.
A television news crew interviews a Peace Road participant.
Ms. Melisa Demiri Klaas is the emcee for the second part of the Peace Road program in Zahir Pajaziti Square.
Kosovan dignitaries and UPF representatives from various countries
Dr. Katsumi Otsuka, the regional president of UPF for Europe and the Middle East
Mr. Bruno Rexhaj, the first secretary of Albania in Kosovo, gives the closing remarks.
Skënder Podvorica, a student at the Art Academy, gives a moving reading of the poem Crown of Glory.
Kazumi Kawakubo, a young UPF supporter from Japan, sings a song.
A performance by CARP members who are visiting from Japan
Dr. Katsumi Otsuka, the regional president of UPF for Europe and the Middle East, signs the Peace Road banner.
Jack Corley, the regional president of FFWPU for Eastern Europe, signs the Peace Road banner.
Citizens sign the Peace Road banner.
Three local schoolchildren release doves as the finale of the Peace Road program.

Pristina, Kosovo—UPF and affiliated organizations celebrated the 2017 UN International Day of Peace by holding a Peace Road event in the capital.

Members and supporters of UPF, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU), and the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) walked and bicycled through Pristina on September 21.

As the participants prepared for the start of the event, students of the “Mirela” Guitar School from the nearby town of Podujevo sang and played guitar under the leadership of Mr. Ymer Musa.

The approximately 200 participants included Ambassadors for Peace from Kosovo; students from Pristina and the “Model” School (under the special care of Mr. Tefik Fazliu); young people from Podujevo; members from organizations in Kosovo and Albania; as well as passers-by who joined in the event for the sake of peace.

The participants marched and bicycled from Zahir Pajaziti Square, singing and carrying peace messages. They went through Mother Teresa Street and continued to Skënderbej Square, where pedestrians preceded the cyclists on the main road of the city.

The participants concluded their tour in Zahir Pajaziti Square, where a follow-up program was held, featuring congratulatory messages, songs, dances and poetry. This program was moderated professionally by Ms. Melisa Demiri Klaas.

In her opening address, Ms. Savjola Konja, executive director of FFWPU-Kosovo and the coordinator of the event, emphasized the importance of the project and thanked all the organizers. She said that now is the time in which each of us can help to change history. World peace can become the reality if everyone contributes.

Professor Daut Demaku, a well-known writer, said: “The Peace Road is one of the best roads that humanity can follow. People cannot be measured by numbers or by their weight but by values. … Today you are starting on a small road, which you consider simple, but actually it is great. There is no other way for this messed-up world; there is no other way for our messed-up family. … Let’s not give up on this, because it is the only way in life!”

Dr. Katsumi Otsuka, the regional president of UPF for Europe and the Middle East, said that such activities can connect people from all races, cultures and religious beliefs. “It is impressive how the same activity is held in Japan, Korea, America and many other countries, showing clearly that all the differences caused by borders, races, religious beliefs and cultures will be no more.”

The closing remarks were offered by the first secretary of Albania in Kosovo, Mr. Bruno Rexhaj, who said, “All the participants can be generators of a better world, better society, in peace, harmony and collaboration.”

All these meaningful messages were reinforced by famous, inspiring and meaningful songs in Albanian and other languages. The interpretation of Crown of Glory by Mr. Skënder Podvorica touched all the participants, and the dance performances were received enthusiastically.

As the event finale was the setting free of doves by three children, all the participants signed the “Peace Road” flag, showing their commitment to have a mindset conducive of peace, harmony and collaboration. Several local and national media organizations reported about the event.

This activity was successful thanks to the collaboration with Ambassadors for Peace; the principals of some high schools and universities in Pristina; the Kosovo Biking Federation and the“Model” School, under the special care of Mr. Nuhu and Mr. Fazliu; the“Mirela” Guitar School in Podujevo under the dedicated care of Mr. Musa; the Podujevo Municipality; Grand Hotel; the Bike Agency Gërmi; Pristina police; FFWPU and CARP members from Albania; Japanese students; National Training Program team; singer Ardi Gashi; reciter Skënder Podvorica; and the untiring members of FFWPU and CARP of Kosovo.

We express our sincere grattitude to all those who contributed and hope that we can cooperate again for such noble purposes, for humankind!

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