International Day of Families Observed in Switzerland: Declaration of the Interfaith Youth Council Assembly of May 14, 2019

As religions we owe allegiance to have in common the universal goal of creating and nourishing unity between all of humanity and respect for the inherent value of a family as both an internal and external force:

Internal, as it provides emotional and economic support and stability and a safe space for children to grow up in and for adults that same safe space to return to;

External, as it constitutes the fundamental building block of our civil society and engages in cultural exchange, social welfare and communal projects;

We – the members of the Interfaith Youth Council – would like to appeal to the leaders of this world, whatever their field of influence may be, to consider the following principles:

Projects to support young and growing families are never a waste of resources and money. They provide an invaluable environment for character education and form the bases of our society. The ever-growing class of working poor in western society is symptomatic of dysfunctional elements in our society that evaluates financial profit for the few more than financial stability for the many.

"Social welfare systems," like public education, housing projects, insurance, medical and palliative care, homeless shelters, day-care centers and so forth, are indeed very important and need our support. However, they can never replace a functional family but should rather work as an extension of and support for families.

Families can come in many different compositions and structures. They all have at their heart a harmonious union of the spouses that manifests itself in a mutual support and care. It is not up to any one of us to decide what their personal composition should look like, and most certainly not to retract our support because of that.

For the Youth Interfaith Council :
The President;
Kevin Aristide Cornelis De-Carli

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