Voronezh, Russia—UPF volunteers taught eighth grade students how to live in an environmentally friendly way, as part of an event honoring International Day of Peace.

Forty-five students from Voronezh Secondary School no. 2 attended the environmental education program held on September 24, 2022, by UPF Russia together with the Center for Environmental Information of the I.S. Nikitin Voronezh Regional Universal Scientific Library and the "Volunteers of Voronezh" Center for Support and Development of Volunteering.

As part of the lesson, students took part in an environmental quest organized by UPF, in which they learned why landfills are dangerous. They also determined the types of waste and how long each takes to decompose.

They discussed the benefits of separate waste collection, and they practiced separating waste into special containers. They became acquainted with recycled items and guessed what they are made of. They figured out what types of packaging are available and chose products in the most environmentally friendly packaging.

On September 27, UPF took part in an online meeting titled "Ecology and Culture," in which participants spoke about the activities of their organizations, announced plans for the future, and even agreed on future joint creative eco-projects.


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