UPF-Russia Leads Families in Animal Care Project

Moscow, Russia—Parents and children worked side by side caring for animals at a Moscow Region animal shelter.

UPF-Moscow organized the visit of 18 volunteers to the “Elina” Animal Shelter on March 29, 2022.

Families cleaned and combed the horses. They also communicated with and fed horses, a donkey, a goat, a raccoon, a piglet, Canadian foxes, dogs, a cat, geese and chickens.

Several hours flew by. Nobody wanted to leave the shelter, because during this time everyone had their big and small friends. And on the way home, the families already started making plans for their next trip to the animal shelter.

Family volunteering is a great way to strengthen families, organize leisure activities for the benefit of oneself and others, and at the same time emphasize the importance of family values in practice.

UPF-Russia Leads Families in Animal Care Project

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