Dmitry Samko of UPF (left) discusses future eco projects with Vladimir Alentsin, the chairman of the Foundation for Rational Environmental Management.
Dmitry Samko of UPF (left) with Vladimir Ruzhitsky, the head of Lyubertsy District in Moscow Region
Dmitry Samko, the leader of UPF-Moscow, with used batteries
Elena Knyazova of UPF-Moscow

Lyubertsy, Russia—UPF of Moscow took an active part in an environmental campaign to recycle electronics.

Approximately 300 people took part in the project in the Lyubertsy District of Moscow Region, which was held to dispose of old household appliances and batteries.

The April 14, 2021 eco action was held with the support of the Fund for Rational Environmental Management and the Ministry of Ecology and Nature Management of the Moscow Region. Similar events carried out by the Department for Environmental Protection of the city of Lyubertsy are already becoming regular.

Dmitry Samko and Elena Knyazeva of the Moscow branch of UPF handed over about 10 kg of used batteries and used cartridges. We also discussed further cooperation with the chairman of the Foundation for Rational Environmental Management, Vladimir Alentsin, and the head of the Lyubertsy District, Vladimir Ruzhitsky.

It is planned to conduct a joint project on June 5 within the framework of the United Nations’ World Environment Day.


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