Düsseldorf Group Discovers Luther’s Path

Düsseldorf, Germany—To commemorate the year of Luther, UPF-Düsseldorf held a meeting entitled "Martin Luther—Paths to God."

A Young German Recalls Growing Up in Lebanon

Düsseldorf, Germany—A young German woman who moved to Lebanon as a child was the speaker at a program about Lebanese culture.

Vienna Celebrates Asmara’s UNESCO Honor

Vienna, Austria—The listing of Eritrea’s capital as a World Heritage Site was celebrated at a special event titled “Asmara—City of Dreams.”

Sicilian Children Paint a Culture of Peace

Caltanissetta, Italy—Pupils at a school in Sicily competed to create the best artwork on the theme of “Culture of Peace.”

German International Café Explores Japanese Poetry

Giessen, Germany—Japanese poetry and culture were the topic of discussion at an International Café held at the offices of UPF in the town of Giessen.

An “Evening With” Two U.K. Media Figures

London, United Kingdom — The latest in the “Evening With” series of inspirational interviews was held at the UPF-U.K. headquarters on February 19, 2017.

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