Slovaks Stunned at Karl Marx Revelations

Bratislava, Slovakia—Karl Marx and his work were the subject of a special lecture organized by UPF-Slovakia.

Albanians Discuss Their Cultural Heritage

Fier, Albania—The local UPF Peace Council held an event to commemorate the European Year of Cultural Heritage.

Slovakians Given a Taste of Korean Culture and History

Bratislava, Slovakia—Utilizing the general interest in Korea during the Olympic Winter Games, UPF-Slovakia organized an event titled “Korea’s Traditions from a Historical Perspective.”

World Interfaith Harmony Week Observed in France

Paris, France—UPF marked World Interfaith Harmony Week with a program about an individual who strived to build bridges between Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Albanians, Kosovans Honor 15th Century Hero

Pristina, Kosovo—UPF-Kosovo organized a conference to discuss one of the Albanian people’s greatest heroes during the 550th year after his death.

Lawyer Presents First Novel at Bergamo Meeting

Bergamo, Italy—Over 70 people attended a lawyer and writer’s presentation of his first novel, which deals with topical social issues.

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