Stand Up to ‘Spiral of Silence,’ Austrians Told

Linz, Austria—A UPF event focused on the difficulty that many people have in voicing unpopular opinions.

Czech Audience Discovers the Real Karl Marx

Prague, Czech Republic—In the bicentennial of his birth, a public lecture held by UPF asked the question “Who Was Karl Marx in Reality?”

UPF-Italy Sponsors International Festival for Peace

Palermo, Italy—Day-long peace festival brings together Peace Road, interreligious ceremony, recognition of contributions to peace, and performances.

Munich Talk Explodes the Myth of Marx

Munich, Germany—A recognized expert on Karl Marx and his teachings asked a Munich audience whether a renaissance of Marxism would be desirable.

Seeking ‘The Femininity of God’

Linz, Austria—The historical development of women’s role, from early Christianity to today, was the focus of a lecture co-sponsored by UPF.

Austrian Lecture Exposes the Real Karl Marx

Linz, Austria—In the year of his 200th birthday, Karl Marx was the subject of a lecture on his life and his legacy.

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