Düsseldorf Holds International Day of Peace Concert

Düsseldorf, Germany—The local branch of UPF found a new way to commemorate the International Day of Peace—by holding a “peace concert.”

For Effective Communication, Think of a Traffic Light

Frankfurt, Germany—The guest speaker at a UPF program showed how to have constructive communication in the family and elsewhere.

Peace Road Brings Memories of Divided Germany

Hamburg, Germany—A special Peace Road event brought bicyclists to the former border between East and West Germany.

Western Civilization: At a Turning Point?

Bonn, Germany—The local chapter of UPF held a presentation which asked whether Western civilization is in decline.

UPF Explores Portuguese Language

Lisbon, Portugal—The leader of UPF-Portugal attended a meeting with the executive secretary of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries.

UPF Invited to Remembrance of Massacre Victims

Cavriglia, Italy—A UPF official is invited to speak at a commemoration for 191 victims of a Nazi massacre in July 1944.

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