UPF-Portugal Attends Gandhi’s 150th Birthday

Lisbon, Portugal—UPF representatives joined an interfaith celebration of the 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth.

Albanian Ambassador Speaks at Prague UPF Event

Prague, Czech Republic—The Czech UPF chapter invited the ambassador of the Republic of Albania to give a presentation about his country.

Irish Express Peace Day through Walking and Talking

Downpatrick, Co. Down, Ireland—UPF marked International Day of Peace with a Peace Road Walk followed by a Peace Road Forum.

Balkans ‘Peace Road’ Revisits a Painful Past

Vienna, Austria—UPF, together with its affiliated organizations, joined a Bosnian women’s group on a Peace Road trip through Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

German Group Discusses Future of Civilization

Giessen, Germany—A program held by UPF asked the question: In what direction is human history heading?

Peace Road Event Is Held in Prague

Prague, Czech Republic—Thirty-five UPF supporters took part in the 2019 Peace Road event, walking and bicycling a total of 40 kilometers.

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