Balkans ‘Peace Road’ Revisits a Painful Past

Vienna, Austria—UPF, together with its affiliated organizations, joined a Bosnian women’s group on a Peace Road trip through Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

German Group Discusses Future of Civilization

Giessen, Germany—A program held by UPF asked the question: In what direction is human history heading?

Peace Road Event Is Held in Prague

Prague, Czech Republic—Thirty-five UPF supporters took part in the 2019 Peace Road event, walking and bicycling a total of 40 kilometers.

Denmark Peace Road Event Has Ocean Theme

Copenhagen, Denmark—The theme of the 2019 Peace Road event held by UPF-Denmark was “The Ocean in the Service of Peace.”

Portuguese Peace Road Leads to the Ocean

Lisbon, Portugal—Thirty-five youth and children and 10 adults took part in a Peace Road event that led them to the Atlantic Ocean.

Peace Road Event Takes Place in Finland

Helsinki, Finland—Starting at the spiritual center of Finland, UPF supporters held a Peace Road walking event through the center of Helsinki.

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