Exhibition on UPF Founder Opens in Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal—The life, mission and the legacy that Reverend Moon left to humanity are very evident in the posters displayed.

Czechs Remember the Thought of Max Weber

Prague, Czech Republic—The German sociologist and economist saw a close bond between religion and economics.

Dr. Joachim F. Reuter

Düsseldorf, Germany—The speaker dealt with questions such as “What was God doing before He created the world?”

Israel’s Faith Leaders Pray during Pandemic

Haifa, Israel—Leaders representing four main religions met to pray for the healing of the world from coronavirus.

Germans Ask, ‘Can Happiness Be Learned?’

Bonn, Germany—UPF celebrated the relatively unknown International Day of Happiness.

UPF-Munich Celebrates Artist’s Work

Munich, Germany—Almost 30 people attended the closing event of artist Uk-Je Kang’s exhibition at the UPF offices.

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