Peace Road Leads to Meeting of Three Nations

Central Europe—Peace Road participants from Austria, Czech Republic, and Germany met atop a hill where their borders converge.

Insider Reveals the Tricks of the Media

Bratislava, Slovakia—A longtime journalist explained “Media and Manipulation” to an international audience.

Common History, Culture Seen as Bridge for Koreans

Tallinn, Estonia—UPF held its fourth webinar on the topic of Korean reunification.

Roundtable Focuses on Arts’ Nobler Possibilities

Moscow, Russia—UPF co-sponsored a discussion on preserving traditional values in the creative arts.

Estonia Explores K-pop and Road to Pyongyang

Tallinn, Estonia—UPF held its third webinar about life and culture on the Korean Peninsula.

Georgians Recall Personal Korea Experiences

Tbilisi, Georgia—A UPF webinar gave several Georgians the opportunity to explain their affinity for Korea.

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