A question from the audience
Lisa Luka Siyame gives a presentation about African culture, translated into Czech by Benjamin Lajda.
Lisa Luka Siyame explains Africans’ philosophy of life.
Lisa Luka Siyame is a postgraduate student who is originally from Tanzania.
The guests and UPF staff with the event banner, which translates as “Africa—an Unknown Continent?”
After the presentation, the guests sample African cuisine.

Prague, Czech Republic—African philosophy and values were the topic of a UPF presentation titled “Africa—an Unknown Continent?”

Africa is the second largest continent, full of beautiful culture, rich in resources and diverse in wildlife. However, due to the image presented by the media, that is usually not how we first think of Africa.

On July 23, 2020, an authentic presentation about the real image of Africa, based on personal experience, was held in the UPF Peace Embassy.

The presenter, Lisa Luka Siyame, a postgraduate student at the Jaume I University in Spain who grew up in Tanzania, came in traditional attire. She first gave general facts about Africa as a continent and then explained briefly about its history.

Even though the past of slavery in Africa was long, dark and cruel, Ms. Siyame said that Africans have a saying: What is in the past cannot be changed, and what is in the future can only be changed now. Therefore, the present is the important time to focus on.

Asked about the impact of slavery, Ms. Siyame answered that it cannot be forgotten because it shaped the thinking of Africans and still influences their mindset until now. However, she said, we all have a responsibility on what the future will be like and cannot be stuck in the past.

The second part of the presentation was dedicated to the philosophy of Ubuntu. This is a philosophy that refers to togetherness. It is said that “I am because you are.” Everything and everyone is connected. An individual cannot live alone. Children are taught this philosophy from an early age, and its focus is to share with others. It means, for example, that if one has a snack, one cannot simply open it and eat it alone but should always share or at least ask others if they would like to have some.

The third part of the presentation focused on traditional attires from different countries and African culture. The presenter introduced in a slide show beautiful traditional costumes from many African tribes and states.

The emcee then explained the activities of UPF co-founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon in Africa and how they relate to the creation of a peaceful world.

After the presentation, the participants could taste some delicacies of African cuisine and enjoy fellowship.

The room was packed, and the participants appreciated very much the authentic and original insights into the African continent, its traditions and philosophy.

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