A Young Immigrant Tells of Youth in Iran

Giessen, Germany—At an International Café event, a young woman spoke about her life in Iran and her new start in Germany.

Slovakia Presents Views of North Korea

Bratislava, Slovakia—UPF organized an event commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Korean Independence Movement.

UPF ‘Peace School’ Offers Etiquette Lessons

Kyiv, Ukraine—Seventy-three pupils at a recent etiquette workshop learned the rules for making a good first impression.

Portuguese Discuss Effects of Afro-Descent

Lisbon, Portugal—UPF took part in a meeting of Portuguese citizens who are descended from Africans.

A Evening of Kalmykian Culture in Vienna

Vienna, Austria—Europe’s only predominantly Buddhist region was the topic of a cultural event held at UPF offices.

Dutch Festival Seeks Unity through Singing

A Peace and Family Festival gave participants the joyful experience of singing together.

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