Barbara Grabner begins her presentation, “Visionaries and Their Insights into the Beyond.”
Discussion over coffee and cake
Journalist Barbara Grabner (left) with participants of the meeting
Barbara Grabner shows a copy of Life in the World Unseen, a book written by the medium Anthony Borgia.

Munich, Germany—People must be aware that life does not end with death, a journalist and historian told a UPF meeting.

Barbara Grabner from Salzburg, Austria, was the main speaker at the meeting. Her topic was an unusual and exciting one, fitting very well to the spectrum of themes dealt with by UPF, which holds that humans have spiritual and eternal elements in addition to the physical aspect.

The 25 participants at the meeting on April 27, 2019, listened very carefully to the speaker, who used descriptive PowerPoint pictures to enrich her presentation.

Life does not end with death, but simply transitions into a new phase, Ms. Grabner stressed.

She posed the question: If people on earth knew how the hereafter works, they would understand that every action on earth is recorded and an exact book is maintained. Who then would dare to commit a crime?

She quoted the American founding father Benjamin Franklin: “A man is not completely born until he is dead. Why, then, should we grieve that a new child is born among the immortals, a new member added to their happy society? We are all spiritual beings. We only have this body on loan, in order that we may experience joy or to support our acquisition of knowledge or to be of use when we wish to do something good; it is a kind of benevolent act of God.”

Ms. Grabner introduced several visionaries who had passed on glimpses into life in the hereafter. She mentioned Dante Alighieri and his Divine Comedy; Emanuel Swedenborg and his most famous work, Heaven and Hell; Robert James Lees and his Journey into Immortality; and several other visionaries.

After the presentation, the audience engaged in a lively exchange of ideas over coffee and cake.

(Translated from German by Catriona Valenta.)

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