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Fifth Italian ‘Peace Talk’ Focuses on the Media

Rome, Italy—The fifth webinar of the UPF “Peace Talks” series was held on the topic “The Role of Communication and Media in the Time of the Pandemic.”

Parliamentarism Lauded in Czech Webinar

Prague, Czech Republic—Two distinguished panelists spoke at a UPF online conference to mark the International Day of Parliamentarism.

Italian ‘Peace Talks’ Discusses Shared Prosperity

Rome, Italy—The fourth Italian "Peace Talks" was organized together with the UPF project International Association for Peace and Economic Development.

 Is there a Future for the European Union and the Rules-Based Global Order?

More than 2,600 viewers from 58 countries watched the discussion on the European Union and rules-based global order.

Peace School Organizers Plan for Future

Kyiv, Ukraine—UPF has held three online meetings with Peace School organizers about future activities.

Political Cooperation Deemed Necessary

Rome, Italy—Current and former senators and academics discussed the need to work together to solve the current world crises.

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