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Faith Groups’ Pro-Peace, Anti-Crime Roles Lauded

Vienna, Austria—UPF co-sponsored a webinar that examined faith-based organizations’ role in bringing peace and preventing crime.

UK Webinar Discusses Life after Brexit

London, United Kingdom—Eminent commentators and journalists offered their views of the UK’s post-Brexit future.

Russia Academicians Look at Future of Education

Moscow, Russia—UPF-Russia held a conference titled "Education Today: New Challenges and Prospects."

Webinar Lauds Turkey’s Korean War Efforts

Istanbul, Turkey—A UPF program recognized Turkey’s contributions to the Korean War.

World Leaders See Hope in Abraham Accords

Jerusalem, Israel—The first of a series of UPF webinars on the Abraham Accords presented a distinguished panel of world leaders.

What lessons can be learned from the health crisis?

IAPP webinar on 19 December 2020 on the theme "What lessons can be learned from the health crisis? Health systems and their management in the spotlight".

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