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Scandinavian Suggestions for Unifying the Koreas

Oslo, Norway—Korea experts from Norway, Sweden and Denmark offered insights on unifying North and South Korea.

World leaders call for unity at 5th international Rally of Hope

Former U.S. Vice President Mike Pence joined other world leaders on 28 February, 2021, in calling on nations to forge new friendships and break down historic barriers to peace as the globe pulls free from the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Experts Debate Europe’s Lessons for Koreans

Vienna, Austria—An audience of 150 attended a UPF webinar on Europe’s potential role in Korean reunification.

IAPP Hosts Second Discussion on Abraham Accords

Washington, D.C., United States—The 2020 agreements between Israel and several Arab nations were the focus of an international webinar.

Turkish Soldiers’ Korean War Bravery Recognized

Istanbul, Turkey—UPF chapters in Turkey and Korea held an online conference about the Turkish soldiers who fought in the Korean War.

Russian Role in Korean Reunification Discussed

Moscow, Russia—Relations between Russia, the two Koreas and other nations were the topic of a UPF webinar.

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