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Turkish Soldiers’ Korean War Bravery Recognized

Istanbul, Turkey—UPF chapters in Turkey and Korea held an online conference about the Turkish soldiers who fought in the Korean War.

Russian Role in Korean Reunification Discussed

Moscow, Russia—Relations between Russia, the two Koreas and other nations were the topic of a UPF webinar.

Webinar Looks at Interfaith Harmony and Korean Reunification

Geneva, Switzerland—Korea’s religious and cultural heritage may provide clues for unifying the peninsula, experts say.

World Interfaith Harmony Week Observed in Austria

Vienna, Austria—UPF-Austria held a webinar titled “Interfaith Cooperation as a Basis for Social Cohesion.”

UPF Celebrates Interfaith Harmony and Human Fraternity

New York, United States—A UPF webinar commemorated two United Nations observances.

Faith Groups’ Pro-Peace, Anti-Crime Roles Lauded

Vienna, Austria—UPF co-sponsored a webinar that examined faith-based organizations’ role in bringing peace and preventing crime.

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