Intervention of Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon at the 5th Rally of Hope

Respected members of Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community, ambassadors for Peace, world leaders, beloved blessed families from around the world. Today we are gathered here at a time in which we are called to make a firm resolve to solve the problems afflicting today’s world. When we look at human history, we can see that human history and human civilization developed along waterways, close to bodies of water.

In particular, the Egyptian civilization developed along the Nile River and, even though 5.000 years have passed since many of the pyramids were built, today historians and citizens around the world still celebrate the beauty and development of Egyptian Civilization. How did the Egyptian Civilization bequeath such a rich history for us to look at? Their interest really lay in revering Heaven. They knew that the way for civilization to prosper was by instilling a sense of reverence for Heaven into the future generations.

The original mind in human beings continues to seek Heaven. God’s wish was for the first human ancestors to grow to maturity and receive the Marriage Blessing of God, so that God could become the True Parent of humanity. In other words, God’s original ideal was to become the True Parent of Humanity. However, the fall of man frustrated God’s ideal and plan and, as a result, human history has been characterized by war, suffering and indescribable crisis and problems and, as time goes by, humanity’s future is itself at risk, and Covid-19 shows the breath and scale of the problems faced by humanity today.

Many of today’s problems we face are man-made and are the result of human greed and ignorance. However, God created Heaven and Earth according to the Principles of Creation and one of those Principles was for God to invite human beings to be part of the perfection of this ideal, by becoming fruitful couples and forming ideals families. Hence, Heaven raised the people of Israel as the chosen people and, over the course of 4000 providential years, the history of the Providence of restoration through indemnity was initiated by Heaven with the aim of bringing salvation to Humanity.

At that time, the people of Israel were under the rule of the mighty Roman Empire and Heaven kept Its promise of sending the Messiah. The people of Israel prayed to Heaven waiting for the day the Messiah, the Savior, would come. However, the propitious foundation for Christ, the Only Begotten Son, needed to be established. Heaven kept Its promise. Unfortunately, Mary, the Jewish leaders of the time and the people in the vicinity of Jesus could not recognize the identity of the Only Begotten Son, and they did not realize that Jesus was the Messiah they had been yearning and waiting for. Having lost the foundation upon which to stand, Christ had no choice but to walk the painful path of the cross. As he lay on the cross, Jesus spoke about his second coming; his second coming, with the aim of hosting the Marriage Wedding of the Lamb.

If the people of that time, the people on the vicinity of Jesus had recognized Him as the long awaited Messiah and had formed a foundation for Jesus to ascend to the position of True Parents, since all roads lead to Rome and the Roman Empire represented the entire worlds, centering of the Roman Empire the foundation for Jesus’s work as True Parents could have spread far and wide.           

Through the work of the Holy Spirit and the work of the apostles, Christianity expanded and, in 313 A.D., Christianity was recognized as a state religion, expanding throughout the Roman Empire, throughout the peninsula of Italy, mainland Europe, as well as the British Isles. The British Empire was mighty, and it was spreading throughout the world. It was so vast that some said the sun never set on the British Empire and, at that time, many nations sent missionaries throughout the world.

Jesus teaches us: “Love your neighbor as yourself”. However, some of these missionaries placed the interest of their mother nation ahead of the salvific work they were entrusted with and Christianity also was responsible for some difficult periods in human history. How is it possible that Communism, which claims that God is dead, could emerge from the Christian cultural milieu? Since Heaven sent the Only Begotten Son and Heaven could not send the Only Begotten Daughter, God raised another people to send the Only Begotten Daughter to. God raised the people of Korea.                               

Jesus, before walking the path of the cross, prophesized that he would come again; to come again to host the Marriage Wedding of the Lamb. In other words, the purpose of the Second Advent of Christ is to meet the Only Begotten Daughter and form True Parents. Without the Only Begotten Daughter the dream of the Second Coming, True Parents, cannot be fulfilled. The situation at the time of my birth was difficult, because Korea was liberated, but a few years later Korea would be divided into the pro-Soviet north and the pro-democracy south.

At that time, had America understood the importance of Heaven’s Providence, the course of history on the Korean Peninsula might have been different. Nonetheless, despite facing a crisis, Heaven protected the Only Begotten Daughter from the Korean War and preserved freedom in South Korea. In 1960, this was a time when the requisite foundation was non-existent. Nonetheless, True Parents had no choice but to walk the path of realizing Heaven’s Will. True Parents began from the most humble and most desperate of positions. As True Parents, I wish to once again emphasize the dream of Heavenly Parent and the wish of Humanity. All 7.8 Billion people around the world wish to return to Heavenly Parent’s bosom and the first step in doing so is for humanity to understand that God is our Heavenly Parent and it is our mission to guide all of humanity to return to God’s bosom, to guide them back to their Heavenly Parents.

And I wish also to emphasize that this has been the mission of True Parents, and through True Parents, humanity can receive the Blessing, become Blessed Families who can be born again into the lineage of God and become the beloved sons and daughters of God. For the past 6000 years, many people could not understand the true identity of God. However, it is now to time to wash away the mistakes of the past, caused by the ignorance of human beings, to return the earth to its pristine condition, solve the various problems afflicting humanity today, to return this earth into the kingdom of Heaven. And this is possible by working together with True Parents.

Distinguished leaders from around the world, peace ambassadors of UPF, blessed families and members from around the world, I would like to encourage you to join this call to action. Let us join hands. The people of Korea have been chosen by Heaven. Nonetheless, the sad reality is that the Korean Peninsula remains divided, and we dream of a Heavenly Unified Korea. That dream will come true!

If the Korean peninsula can be reunified, if the people of Korea can become one people and if all the Asia Pacific can be united into a Heavenly Civilization and connect the entire world, the advent of True Parents will be shared throughout the world. But more importantly, the fact that Heavenly Parent is the Heavenly Parent of all humanity will be praised all around the world, and all humanity will kneel in gratitude and offer praise and glory to God, because finally humanity would have found its long lost Parent. Hence, I encourage all of you from this moment to join me in marching forward victoriously.

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