UPF-Czechia President Dr. Juraj Lajda introduces the speaker.
Dr. Peter Dvornický gives a talk on "Darwinism and What Then."
Dr. Dvornický’s talk compares Darwinism, Intelligent Design Theory, and Unification Thought.
The lecture is held in the Prague Peace Embassy.
Dr. Peter Dvornický responds to questions from the audience.
The speaker and audience after the talk.

Prague, Czechia—Communism, racism, the Holocaust and Social Darwinism all sprang from Charles Darwin’s theories, a UPF lecture stated.

"Darwinism and What Then" was the title of a presentation given by Dr. Peter Dvornický at the Peace Embassy on May 29, 2023, organized by the Czech UPF.

Dr. Dvornický graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia.

In his presentation, he first explained the basic terminology concerning evolution, Darwinism and creationism. At the same time he mentioned also the Intelligent Design Theory advocated by many scholars. Finally, the speaker introduced the Unification Thought viewpoint, formulated by Dr. Sang Hun Lee and based on the teaching of UPF founder Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon.

According to Unification Thought, the universe has a purpose that was given even before the physical creation of the universe started. There is an individual purpose and the purpose for the whole.

Unlike Darwinism, which advocates evolution based on natural selection and the theory of survival of the fittest, Unification Thought claims that evolution, which we cannot deny, takes place according to some plan and design and has a purpose. Therefore, the universe, including minerals, plants, animals and human beings, could come into existence as a unified harmonized body which maintains its balance.

Dr. Dvornický mentioned that because of the missing link in evolution, Darwinism cannot be considered as the only final scientific theory.

In the second part of his presentation, Dr. Dvornický spoke about the intellectual and social consequences of Darwinism in the world. In the first half of the 19th century the root of evolution was understood as a result of the power of the spirit. Darwinism gradually denied this spiritual dimension and interpreted evolution just from a materialistic viewpoint.

The ideas of Darwinism were misused by Marx and later gave rise to communism, racism, the Holocaust and Social Darwinism.

Although we now understand that communism is wrong, Darwinism is still in school textbooks as the only scientific truth.

If we lose the perspective of eternity, it is difficult to overcome the shortcomings of Darwinism. It is a battle of the human soul, the speaker said in concluding his presentation.

Some 12 participants appreciated the content of the lecture and in the following discussion asked many questions.

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