Peter Mészáros of UPF and his daughter Viola Mészáros lead a tribute to András Sugár, a well-known journalist who was an Ambassador for Peace.
UPF-Hungary Secretary General György Kozma welcomes the guests to the meeting titled “40 Years of Devotion in Hungary, 1981-2021.”
The meeting is held in the Hotel Benczúr in Budapest.
György Kozma speaks about the history of UPF and its affiliated organizations in Hungary.
Elisabeth Cook, the leader of Family Federation for World Peace and Unification in Austria. The lectern sign says “Universal Peace Federation” in Hungarian.
Elisabeth Cook recalls her years as an underground Unificationist missionary in Hungary when it was a communist nation.
Elisabeth Cook
Dr. Ágnes Berta, chair of International Relief Friendship Foundation of Hungary (left), introduces Éva Kovács Tiborné.
György Kozma presents an Ambassador for Peace certificate to Éva Kovács Tiborné.
Newly appointed Ambassador for Peace Éva Kovács Tiborné with Dr. Ágnes Berta and György Kozma
Dr. Mónika Tóth performs a Korean traditional dance. The title on the banner translates as “Embracing the Whole World.”
From left to right: Dr. Ferenc Bernáth, Dániel Szurasenkó, and Zsuzsanna Kékes
The musicians give a performance of inspiring music.
Nearly 50 Ambassadors for Peace and UPF friends attend the meeting.
The Hungarian edition of Mother of Peace, the memoir of UPF co-founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon
Classical guitarist Dr. Ferenc Bernáth and percussionist Zsuzsanna Kékes

Budapest, Hungary—The ninth anniversary of the UPF founder’s passing was commemorated at a program that also recognized the 40 years of the Unification movement’s presence in Hungary.

Nearly 50 Ambassadors for Peace and UPF supporters attended the event held on October 30, 2021, in Budapest’s Hotel Benczúr.

The title of the event was “Embracing the Whole World,” and the motto was “40 Years of Devotion in Hungary, 1981-2021.”

At the beginning of the event a basket of flowers was offered symbolically to the founder. This was followed by a tribute to well-known journalist András Sugár, an Ambassador for Peace who passed away in August of this year at the age of 88.

Then UPF representative György Kozma gave a talk about the establishment and development of UPF and affiliated organizations in Hungary over the 40 years since 1981, when Unificationist missionaries first entered the country. Those underground missionaries were the first Ambassadors for Peace, Mr. Kozma said.

Just as Reverend Moon lived his life with the heart of a parent, in the shoes of a servant, the first missionaries had the same heart in staying and working in what was then a communist nation.

Elisabeth Cook, the Austrian national leader of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, an organization that is affiliated with UPF, was invited to speak. As one of the first underground missionaries to Hungary, she gave her testimony about the early years of the Unification movement in Hungary. Through her talk, the Ambassadors for Peace understood the foundation on which they stand.

During the program the circle of Ambassadors for Peace welcomed a new member, Éva Kovács Tiborné from the city of Pécs.

One of the highlights of the event was introducing Think Tank 2022 and encouraging the Ambassadors for Peace to support this new project established by UPF co-founder Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon.

The event concluded with cultural performances offered by four Ambassadors for Peace. Dr. Mónika Tóth performed Korean traditional dances, while the trio of Zsuzsanna Kékes on percussion, Dr. Ferenc Bernáth on classical guitar and Dániel Szurasenkó on block flute played uplifting music.

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