Jack Corley, the chairman of UPF for Eastern Europe (top row, second from left), gives an introduction to IAPD.
The celebration of World Interfaith Harmony Week is also the inaugural event of IAPD, a UPF association.

 Tbilisi, Georgia—UPF marked World Interfaith Harmony Week with a webinar titled “The Importance of Dialogue among Religions.”

The program, held on February 2, 2021, was also the inaugural event of the Interreligious Association for Peace and Development (IAPD), one of the UPF constituent associations.

UPF-Georgia conducted the webinar in association with Religious Dialogue for Peace, an NGO. The audience included students, schoolteachers and NGO representatives.

Jack Corley, the chairman of UPF for Eastern Europe, presented the keynote address, explaining about the background and goals of IAPD.

Vladi Narsia, the director of Religious Dialogue for Peace, emphasized the importance of dialogue between religions and religious education in Georgia.

Beka Mindiashvili, the chairman of the Council of Religions, presented the work of the council and talked about the challenges it faces.

Tariel Nakaidze, the chairman of the Union of Muslims in Georgia, explained about his organization’s work in developing tolerance inside their community.

Participants had several questions regarding practical steps from the state side for developing tolerance among religions.

At the end of the program the speakers and participants gave positive feedback and offered to work together with UPF in the future.


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