Oslo, Norway—Five speakers addressed a UPF interfaith webinar with the theme “Building Bridges across Boundaries.”

UPF-Norway organized the program to celebrate World Interfaith Harmony Week.

One head imam from the Shia mosque Kawther Al Nabi commented on the importance of fraternity, as the day of the webinar, February 4, 2021, was also the first-ever International Day of Human Fraternity, declared by the United Nations. He expressed his wish to cooperate on more events like this.

The head monk from the Sri Lankan temple in Oslo spoke about love. Love is what binds us together, he said, and he commented on how love can be developed.

The leader of Minhaj Dialogue Forum spoke about the forum’s many practices of Muslim-Christian dialogue, both within their community and toward the larger society.

A researcher from the Norwegian School of Theology spoke about religious aspects of migration, specifically across the Mediterranean, and particularly how churches had initiated support for the immigrants.

The Norwegian UPF leader gave a historical perspective on development in interfaith relations. There has been great development, which brings hope for further improvement in reaching a world of true fraternity, he said.

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