Mr. Eduart Kapri, the mayor of Pogradec
Mr. Eduart Kapri, the mayor of Pogradec, speaking.
Mr. Ali Laçej, the coordinator of the UPF Albanian Peace Council
Mr. Gani Rroshi, the secretary general of UPF-Albania
Mr. Ali Laçej speaks with news reporters.
Mr. Gaqo Apostoli, the chair of UPF-Albania
Pogradec Mayor Eduart Kapri (right) is awarded an Ambassador for Peace certificate by UPF-Albania Chair Gaqo Apostoli.
New Ambassadors for Peace from Pogradec with UPF-Albania leaders

Pogradec, Albania—A local UPF Peace Council was established in this central Albanian city, with the enthusiastic support of the mayor.

The ceremony to found the Peace Council took place on February 16, 2018, in the main hall of the municipality. During the program Mayor Eduart Kapri was one of several VIPs who were awarded an Ambassador for Peace certificate.

The mayor promised to UPF his continuing cooperation with and support for its activities in his city.

At the end of the official program, the chairman and two vice chairmen of this Peace Council were chosen. This was followed by a program of entertainment.

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