Benefit Diner UN IDP 20-09-2015 Netherlands
Last picture of video PBI UN IDP NL 20-09-2015
UN IDP 20 Sept 2015 Netherlands
Emma Jansen PBI Netherlands, UN IDP 20-09-2015
Mr. Hans Campman UN IDP 2015 NL
UN IDP NL 2015, Benefit Dinner 20th of September
Mr. Hans Campman, UN IDP 2015
With Kyung In van de Ven and audience, UN IDP NL 2015
Mr. Hans Campman, chair of FFWPU NL 20-09-2015 UN IDP
UN IDP 2015 Benefit Diner 20th of Sept. Netherlands
UN IDP NL, Benefit Diner 2015 for European Medical Aid Program
Mrs. Helen Baal, poem on UN IDP 2015 20th of September NL
Rev. van Buren on UN IDP NL 2015 Benefit Diner 20th of September
Mr. L. Reiziger, Buddhist, UN IDPNL 20-09-2015
Benefit Diner Amsterdam UN IDP NL 20-09-2015
Rachel Baal, Benefit Diner 20-09-2015 UN IDP NL
Ms. Rachel Baal UN IDP NL 2015 Benefit Diner shared a song
Ambassador for Peace Mrs. Georgine Wijsman-Bendt, UN IDP NL 2015 Benefit Dinner
Ambassador for Peace Georgine Wijsman, UN IDP NL 20-09-2015
Women's Empowerment Amsterdam Benefit Diner UN IDP 20-09-2015
Women's Empowerment Amsterdam UN IDP 20-09-2015 Netherlands
Mrs. I. Gefferie UN IDPNL 20-09-2015 Benefit Diner
Mrs. I. Gefferie, Benefit Diner 20-9-2015 UN IDP Netherl
Mrs. I. Gefferie, UN IDP NL, 20-09-2015 Benefit Diner
Benefit Diner UN IDP NL 20-09-2015
Musical nourishment by Hans Campman UN IDP 2015 NL
Netherlands, Benefit Diner, Mrs. I. Gefferie, UN IDP 20-09-2015
Netherlands, Benefit Diner UN IDP 20-09-2015
Ambassador for Peace Rev. A. van Buren & his spouse URI, UN IDP NL 2015
Mrs. I. Gefferie, Women's Empowerment, UN IDP NL Benefit Dinner 20-09-2015
Benefit Diner UN IDP 2015-20-09 Netherlands
Ambassador for Peace Prof. Dr. Mohan Gautam, UN IDP 2015 Benefit Dinner
Prof. Dr. M.K. Gautam Benefit Diner 20-09-2015 UN IDP NL
Prof. Dr. M.K. Gautam 2015-20-09 Benenfit Dinner UN IDP NL
MC Sophia Davies-Jordan UN IDP 20-09- 2015 NL
SG UPF NL Wim Koetsier sharing about North Korea UN IDP 2015
New Ambassador for Peace Mr. J. Remmerswaal with Mr. Wim Koetsier UN IDPNL 20-09-2015
Mr. Joop Remmerswaal, Scientology Church UN IDP 2015-20-09
Emma Jansen, receiving Cerfiicat from Helen Clerbout, Benefit Diner 20-09-2015
New Ambassador for Peace Emma Jansen with Helen Clerbout, UN IDP NL 20-09-2015
Emma Jansen after receiving the certificate, UD IDP 2015 Benefit Dinner Netherlands
UN IDP 2015 Netherlands, Group photo 20-09-2015

Amsterdam, Netherlands—The 2015 UN International Day of Peace was observed in the Netherlands with a benefit dinner to support the Children’s Hospital in Pyongyang, North Korea.

The Netherlands branches of UPF and Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP), an NGO that is affiliated with UPF, jointly organized the benefit dinner on September 20, 2015, at the national headquarters of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, another affiliated organization. Funds raised by the benefit dinner will go to the European Medical Aid Project for the Children’s Hospital in Pyongyang.

The room was packed with representatives of United Religions Initiative (URI), Church of Scientology, Ambassadors for Peace, Women Empowerment Amsterdam, along with other guests and staff members.

The keynote speaker was Ms. Emma Jansen, the general coordinator of Peace Brigades International (PBI) Netherlands ( She showed a 5-minute video called “Bearing Witness” (

“Human rights defenders are at the heart of all we do at PBI,” Ms. Jansen said. “We provide protection, support and recognition to local human rights defenders who work in areas of repression and conflict and have requested our support. We believe that lasting transformation of conflicts cannot come from outside, but must be based on the capacity and desires of local people. We avoid imposing, interfering or getting directly involved in the work of the people we accompany. Our work is effective because we take an integrated approach, combining a presence alongside human rights defenders on the ground with an extensive network of international support.”

PBI has been active since 1981 in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Kenya, Nepal and Indonesia. In 2001 PBI received the Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders from Amnesty International and also was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Ms. Jansen was presented with an Ambassador for Peace certificate by Mrs. Helen Clerbout-Bressers, a board member of WFWP-Netherlands. Mr. Joop Remmerswaal was presented the Ambassador for Peace certificate by UPF-Netherlands Secretary General Wim Koetsier. Mr. and Mrs. Remmerswaal of the Church of Scientology have distributed thousands of booklets in the Netherlands about “The Way to a Happy Life.” They were invited by their daughter Merel, an employee of the Public Relations Department of the Church of Scientology, who comes regularly to UPF events and UN days.

During the sharing time seven participants came forward to offer their poems, songs and words. Through their offerings the feeling of unity accelerated into the higher realms, and the atmosphere was completely transformed when the participants sang together, led by Mrs. Irene Gefferie of Women Empowerment.

Professor Dr. M.K. Gautam, a retired professor of anthropology, gave the concluding remarks about all that was said on the theme of the day by emphasizing the work and vision of Dr. Sun Myung Moon.

Mrs. Sophia Davies-Jordan was a very professional mistress of ceremonies. A short video, “Introduction to the Universal Peace Federation 2015,” was shown ( The International Day of Peace statement of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was read by Ambassador for Peace Stella Ismail from Somalia (, and “Crown of Glory,” the poem written by UPF Founder Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon as a teenager, was read by Kyung In van de Ven, a board member of WFWP-Netherlands. Mr. Wim Koetsier informed the audience about the North Korea Project and spoke about the historic December 1991visit of Rev. Dr. Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon to North Korea. Mr. Hans Campman, FFWPU-Netherlands chair, nourished the audience spiritually with music.

The dinner was prepared in a wonderful way by Mrs. Mihoko Koetsier-Ikeya, the vice chair of WFWP-Netherlands, with the help of Mrs. Sachiko Schermer-ito and Mrs. Elfrid Langenes.

Each participant was given an envelope containing Rev. Dr. Moon’s poem, the statement of the secretary-general of the UN, the statement of UPF and extra information on videos from WFWP and North Korea.

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