Irish ‘Peace Road’ Passes a Battlefield and a Border

Carlingford, Ireland—The 2017 Peace Road event saw 15 participants bicycling to the border with Northern Ireland.

‘Freedom of Speech’ Bus Carries Pro-Family Message

Hanover, Germany—UPF members took part in a rally centering on a “Freedom of Speech” bus that is traveling throughout Germany to promote traditional marriage and family.

‘Freedom of Speech’ Bus Drives into Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf, Germany—Local UPF members have taken part in a rally by a coalition that traveled by bus through Germany to promote traditional marriage and family.

Italians Discuss the Health of the Family

Bologna, Italy—"The Family: Education and Wellness" was the title of a conference held by UPF-Italy at the Hotel Europa.

Albanians Commemorate UPF Founder

Tirana, Albania—On the fifth anniversary of the passing of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, approximately 300 people gathered to remember the UPF founder.

Spain’s ‘Peace Road’ Leads to Historic Toledo

Toledo, Spain—A Peace Road event in the historic city of Toledo included visits to holy sites of Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

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