Bad Camberg, Germany — On April 29, 2017 the resident Angolan community in Germany had a meeting at Bad Camberg to celebrate Angola’s Peace and Reconciliation Day, which commemorates the end of its 27-year civil war (1975-2002). The program was organized in partnership with UPF-Portugal and was attended by 175 participants who came from all over Germany.

The Angolan President of UPF, Dr. Manuel Adão Domingos, who also serves as Consul General of Angola in Frankfurt am Main was the key organizer and main speaker.

The event was led by the emcee, Mr. Theodoro Cunha (President of AMARA). The other speakers were: Claus Dubisz (FFWPU Germany), who spoke on the topic: The Purpose of Life; Eng. Mvemba Domingos, Challenges for Young People in the German Educational System; Gregor Sattler (FFWPU Germany), Principles of Peace; and invited speakers from Portugal: Dr. Marta Carvalho (President of WFWP-Portugal), Family Values - the Role of Woman; and Prof. Liberto Silva (Vice President of UPF-Portugal), The Role of Parents in the Formation of Children.

To conclude the event, six Ambassadors of Peace were appointed, including a Baptist pastor and a secretary at the Angolan Embassy in Berlin.

The gathering’s ambience was very pleasant and friendly. Many of them expressed a desire to learn more about UPF’s Principles of Peace and the Interfaith Peace Blessing.