image1 - Report Maria Theresia and the female side of power
image2 - Report Maria Theresia and the female side of power
image3 - Report Maria Theresia and the female side of power

Linz, Austria—On the occasion of the 300th birthday of Maria Theresa, a lecture explored how the Austrian empress strove to bring career and family together.

The Upper Austrian chapters of UPF and Women’s Federation for World Peace, an affiliated organization, jointly held the program “Maria Theresa and the Feminine Side of Power” on April 8, 2017.

Mag. Barbara Grabner dedicated her lecture primarily to the marriage and educational concept of the great empress.

Despite the skepticism and condescension of detractors, Maria Theresa persevered and led far-reaching reforms, without prioritizing the privileged. As a ruler, she gave orders with strategic and diplomatic skill through her extraordinary courage and iron will. The creed of her 40-year rule was: Serve the state and carry the concerns of the people, as one entrusted would do. The accomplishments reached during her rule are still recognizable in the present day.

The lively and informative lecture was followed by the 25 participants with great interest.

Mrs. Grabner posed the question at the end: Do women rule differently from men? To what extent is there a typically female way to lead? Was Maria Theresa a role model for women in power? Are we facing a female age in human history? Should women leaders remain feminine or adjust to men, with the same or different attributes?

The participants furthermore were encouraged to contemplate the qualities of female leaders, which are important for the creation of a peaceful world.

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