First of all, I want to thank the organizers of this conference for affording us  an opportunity to debate on  finding the ways out  of the existing problems, on  finding  the solution of the important problems we face nowadays.

Now I think it is high time for humanity to strive for mutual cooperation for the sake of common human values and human development.

In recent years, terrorist acts in many parts of the world is the most dangerous threat to international peace and security. And it can't be classified into certain country, religion or race, and must be considered as the crime against humanity.

The whole world, all humanity must strongly condemn such kind of crimes.

Human and family values should be widely advocated among the young people.

Advocacy work should begin from families and educational institution . I mean beginning from kindergartens up to high schools.

 Because educational institution is the second family for each child.  for each person.

There is a big need for advocacy work of general values for a sake of development of humanity and for the future generations' living in peace and prosperity.

The role of state in growing up of healthy youth has to be analyzed, noticeable voids must be eliminated and advocacy work must be strengthened  as well.

Drug addiction and violence against women are major concerns.

No doubt that  in all countries a lot of work is being done to prevent spread of  drug addiction. But to make all efforts successful all voids have to be reconsidered.

In Azerbaijan, country I represent, to increase desire and interest of youth in sport, the state shows utmost appreciation, highly regards achievements of sportsmen, Olympic centers have been opened in all cities of Azerbaijan in order to stimulate interest of youth in the sphere of sport and to engage their leisure.

We should all strive to strengthen and protect the institution of the family, as it is a primary and effective vehicle for the promotion of peaceful relations among the people around the world.

Everything begins in the family. Healthy future generation grows from a healthy family. At the same time it concerns  the rights of women. the role of woman in a family is important.

An educated woman, an educated  mother is the best guarantee for the well-fostered future generation. In some countries the freedom of women is limited. Pressure, psychological and moral burden over the women must be eliminated.

Women's position in business life should be supported.

Special state programms with a social orientation have to be created for working women having children under the age of 5 in order to give them an opportunity to foster their babies.

Working women shouldn't be forced to make choice between her family and job.

Newborn babies must grow up in the atmosphere of a healthy family.

A safe and healthy family life is of crucial importance for the well-being of children and of society as a whole.

Because a right  family atmosphere plays a big role in formation of a child as a personality.

Protection of a family means protection of future generation.

Factors able to  harm a healthy family - alcohol and drug addiction, inability to cope with the parental responsibilities, the conflicts between couples and crisis in the relations among parents and children negatively affect development of society.

As I have already noted above , I consider that the strongest weapon capable to cope with all above-mentioned problems is propaganda.

These values are the heritage of our ancestors.

Protection of a family, family values means protection of future generation and moral values.

The  most right place for implementation of strong and broad propaganda is educational institutions.

Families with happy and stable relations positively impact on development of society. The people formed in such families have very strong feelings of love and mercy towards others.

Protection of a family, family values means protection of future generations, protection of moral values.

These values are heritage of our ancestors. And we have to transfer this heritage in the best way to future generation. Peace in the world starts from the peace in a family. Each person must do his best for achieving world peace as well as he does for providing peace in his own family.

To achieve peace, we have to be respectful to the culture, religion, history, to the past and present of each other.

Part of state policy of all countries, I would stay most important part, should be based on these values.

Today, I represent Azerbaijan. That is a state policy of Azerbaijan Government.

 Azerbaijan is a multinational country.

For centures being situated at the crossroads of civilizations, cultures and religions Azerbaijan has been a natural bridge between Asia and Europe.

 And the most popular word nowadays - multiculturalism has always been the lifestyle i Azerbaijan and continuous to be.

Representatives of different religions, cultures, nations and ethnic groups have always been living in a peaceful atmosphere, in the environment of mutual respect, understanding and friendship.

There has never been any conflict or misunderstanding on religious or national basis.

94% of Azerbaijan's population is Muslims

6% Christians, Jews and representatives of other nations.

There are 597 religious communities in Azerbaijan, 21 of them are non-Muslim nations. And they make and have been making their contribution to the development of our culture and country.

And that is a part of our state policy what leads to large scale development of friendly relations among nations living in Azerbaijan.

To my opinion if all countries follow such policy there will be less conflicts in the world. It will help to combat with islamafobia and other problems on this basis.

Holy catacombs in Rome has been restored with the support of Azerbaijan. This is for the first time in Vatican's history that Muslim country provides support to the restoration of holy Christian monuments in Rome.

It confirms once again that Azerbaijan is a tolerant country.

Such policy serves to the propagation and promotion of peace, tolerance and humanistic values and strengthening of relations among people and religions.

Only being respectful to the culture, religion, history, to the past and present of each other we can achieve the peace and that will be the best guarantee for a sustainable development in the world.

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