Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal, former Nepal government minister (speaking), chaired the IAPP Assembly.
Hon. Elena Drapeko, Member of the Duma, Russia
Hon. Veronica Rosca, Member of Parliament, Republic of Moldova
Hon. Hilik Bar, member of Parliament, Israel
Hon. Allal Amraoui, Member of Parliament, Morocco

The International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP) was launched in February 2016 at the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea in the presence of 150 parliamentarians from 41 countries who gathered to discuss various challenges arising in the global community. Since then, some 6,000 current and former parliamentarians have joined in membership throughout 120 nations, with a view to taking an active role in their regions.

On the afternoons of February 4 and 5, three IAPP sessions were held on the theme: “Toward Peace, Security and Human Development: Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity, Universal Values”. Chaired by Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal, former Nepal government minister (2012-2013); Hon. John Doolittle, former US Congressman (1991-2009); and Hon. David Clarke, former Australian MP (2003-2019), the sessions featured speakers representing a very broad range of nationalities and political affiliation. The topics were diverse, with a specific focus on the prospects for the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula.

Over 20 current presidents or vice presidents of parliaments and government ministers attended the sessions. From Europe and the Middle East Region, the speakers included:

  • Hon. Elena Drapeko from Russia
  • Hon. Vasily Vlasov from Russia
  • Hon. Hilik Bar from Israel
  • Hon. Veronica Rosca from Moldova
  • Hon. Yves Nidegger from Switzerland
  • Hon. Allal Amraoui from Morocco
  • Hon. Kimmo Sasi, former MP and government minister from Finland

See also the IAPP schedule on www.upf.org

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