Unfortunately the struggle to create a single global market or a unique information net is not matched by the struggle to keep humanity together, to let peace prevail.

Wars and violence are still spread all over the world. The will to separate is still strong and somehow growing, new walls appear in Europe, another is threatened in America, many others are still in place. Concrete and abstract walls, cultural, historical or induced by bad leaders.

It is so important to fight all that by connecting, putting together people, creating links, experiences in which different cultures can recognize themselves without excluding the others. To shuffle the deck of misunderstandings, to overpass the past by thinking about a better yet possible future.

That is why Peace road project is very precious, a worth attempt to connect the world trough peace symbolically and actually. Proposals such as the realization of a world peace park in the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) go in the right direction, it’s a powerful message of hope.

These ideas are useful and smart because they succeed in involving leaders and ordinary people, official institutions and communities. That is the right way to tackle the problem: bringing together more levels of representations, sharing values and experiences, create understandable and doable goals to mark the steps. As we constantly see, in fact, international organisation and diplomacy are not enough to convince people and governments to pave the way to peace. Maybe there is a profound crisis of some institutions, though historical.

I’m honoured as a citizen of the peaceful Republic of San Marino and as a parliamentarian to uphold the projects “Connecting the world trough peace” and “peace road 2016” and salute all the riders involved in the ride at the North-South Korean border and all riders engaged in the project in Europe.

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