Family, Peace and Sustainable Development

                      The family is extremely important for social stability, and relevant to advancing all of the Sustainable Development Goals. How do stable and resilient families foster human development and social peace and prosperity? What family policies are conducive to sustainable development? Panelists in this session will give their perspective on the role of the family in peacebuilding, its impact on social stability and prosperity, and assess challenges in defining family policies for sustainable development.

Moderator:  Mr. Heiner Handschin, Director, UPF Office for UN Relations, Geneva


  • Harry Benson, Research Director, the Marriage Foundation, United Kingdom
  • Inga Bite, Member of Parliament, Latvia
  • Baron Rajinder Loomba CBE, House of Lords, United Kingdom
  • Ulviyya Aghayeva, Member of Parliament, Azerbaijan
  • Antoine Renard, President, European Federation of Catholic Family Associations, France



Hon. Inge Bite, Member of Parliament, Latvia

Video of interview with Hon. Inge Bite, Member of Parliament, Latvia.

Hon. Ulviyya Agayeva

Dear participants of the conference, ladies and gentlemen, we know, existing in the world problems such as territorial dispute, religious and racial conflicts, terrorism, climate change, environmental pollution, poverty, hunger, the spread of nuclear weapons obstructs the development of humanity and establishment of peace in the world.

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