As a mother and a parliamentarian of a Mediterranean country, historically the theatre of strong migration flows, I face problems daily due to the massive landings of migrants on our shores. In particular, I concentrate my energy on those unaccompanied minors who, once arrived and checked, vanish into thin air. To give you an idea of this phenomenon, I’ll tell you that, in 2015 alone, the number of unaccompanied minor migrants who vanished through the meshes of a collapsing system was more than twelve thousand.

The reasons for migration are, simply put, two: poverty and wars.

The technological solutions for both exist but what is lacking is a common political will, a will capable of going beyond national interests to look at the world-wide interest of peace and prosperity. These conditions are necessary but not sufficient for the awakening of human consciousness.

It is in fact necessary to ensure that the immediate results of peace and prosperity are made lasting through the self-determination of individuals and the awareness of everyone that they are part of the same community, the same big family called humanity.

I conclude with what for me is the main lever for the construction of peace, namely, the family in its many shades.

Support for families will be the guiding light of my mandate in this association, because a healthy family holds within it all the elements of peace, among which I love to cite these three: compassion, understanding and love.

Thank You.

Hon. Eleonora Bechis

Author: Hon. Eleonora Bechis

Member of Parliament, Italy

Mrs. Bechis was born in Turin, where she pursued graduate studies. Elected to the Italian Parliament in 2013 in Turin’s First District, she registered with the Parliamentary group Alternativa Libera – Possibile. She is a member of the Committee on Culture, Science and Education, the Committee on Regional Issues, the Commission on Childhood and Adolescence and the Parliamentary Committee for the Inquiry into the Soldier Emanuele Scieri’s Death. She focuses on issues relating to minors, civil rights, immigration, the protection of families, child sexual abuse, social welfare, the fight against poverty, social inclusion and the right to health.

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